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  • Underground Railway

    Underground Railway

    The underground railway located in the mine is the first attraction of this type in Poland, and fourth in Europie.In the past it used to serve the miners as their mean of transport of miners. Today tourist can seize the opportunity to have a ride.

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  • Traces of prehistory

    Traces of prehistory

    For decades, miners have been extracting coal from under the earth, building a huge mountain of it. Rocks and stones gained from the gulf of the mine carry tracks of prehistorical plants and animals.

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  • Arrive to us by train!

    Arrive to us by train!

    By the very museum there is a rail station Nowa Ruda City Przedmieście. Nothing is standing in the way then to come to us straight from the train.

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History Outline

The city of Nowa Ruda had gotten its legal status in 1337, that is about 100 years before coal mining started here. Thick forests growing originally on this area were later felled and on this clearing an urban settlement in the valley was built. 

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Messages and Events.

  • Informacje ogólne
  • Arrive with your pet.
  • Trip by bicycle?

Muzeum oraz Podziemna Trasa Turystyczna jest czynna przez cały rok z poniższymi wyjątkami:

W okresie Jesienno-zimowym czyli od 1 września do 31 marca Muzeum i Podziemna Trasa Turystyczna czynne są od godziny 9.00 do 16.00. Wejścia do podziemi odbywają się regularnie co 30 minut. Ostatnie wejście jest o godzinie 15.00.

W okresie letnim czyli od 1 Lipca do 31 Sierpnia czynne jest w godzinach od 9.00 do 18.00 Wejścia odbywają się co 30 minut i ostatnie wejście jest o godzinie 17.00

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We also love animals!

Are you taking your pet with yourself? You can come to us together with your little one with no worries whatsoever. Nothing is standing in the way to take it with oneself and tour the Underground Tourist Route.

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Are you an active bicycle tourist?

Do you like lonely bicycle trips or maybe excursions with friends, do you like enjoying the freedom of travelling on two wheels and admiring the nature? Therefore, we are inviting you to arrive to us by your bicycle!

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