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Form for groups

Are you a guide or a manager of a larger group? Use the special application form, where you can give us more information which will help us organize fun for your group. The form is absolutely useful:

  • Groups are granted discounts
  • Guides do not pay for the entrance
  • You are saving time

Formularz zgłoszeniowy



  • Traces of prehistory +

    For decades, miners have been extracting coal from under the earth, building a huge mountain of it. Read More
  • Game of the Agent. +

    The group divided in teams has to solve a few tasks deep below the ground. For every Read More
  • Miner and Me +

    Remarkable meeting with the real hard coal miner from Nowa Ruda in the formal dress who will Read More
  • From miner to minter. +

    Who would you like to be? - a miner or a minter – that’s a difficult choice. And perhaps Read More
  • Welcome adventure! +

    We join all the best attractions in one mega play guaranteeing the best experiences and a broad Read More
  • Saint Nicolaus in the mine. +

    Where this charming old man disappeared and who will find him, whether he will be generous, maybe Read More
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