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Traces of prehistory

For decades, miners have been extracting coal from under the earth, building a huge mountain of it. Rocks and stones gained from the gulf of the mine carry tracks of prehistorical plants and animals.

Classes are conducted nearby on the slag heap of an ancient coal mine "PIAST". There under the eye of an experienced geologist the class participants can collect fossils of carboniferous plants (creaks, club mosses, ferns) which are even older than 300 million years. 

Worth mentioning is the fact that we have been organizing such workshops already for five years. So far however, they used to be organised exclusively for the special order for "Field Schools". Very positive opinions and the growing interest with these workshops caused that for the this year we have had decided to make our offer available also for schools, tourist offices and individual tourists.

The gallery of the earlier workshops can be found under this link.

Workshops will be organised every day in the period since March till November.

  • Cost of workshops amounts for 150 PLN with VAT and concerns a group of max. 50 persons.
  • Cost of workshops for individual tourists: min. 5 persons amounts to 10 PLN/persons, at the number of people below 5 - the price amounts to 50 PLN.
  • for groups larger than fifty persons you should agree on the course and cost of the workshops with the organiser. Please, book the dates in advance.

Duration of workshops about 2 hours.

The price contains: geological workshops, and visiting the World of Minerals exhibition.

Teaching lessons with a geologist are an additional attraction for groups:

  • duration about 30 min
  • price 50PLN  for the group up to 50 persons
  • the possibility of choosing  the subject of the lesson 

At the same time we are announcing that it is possible to connect the participation in workshops with touring the "coal mine", which the history of the Nowa Ruda mining (in ground part) and ancient machines as wel as mining tools (in part underground) are presented on.

You can also organize for your group, after an earlier order, a hot meal on the spot (dinners) or a bonfire picnic with sausages.

You can make the booking at the No. +48 748 727 911 in hours 9.00 am -05.00 pm

If you are a guide of an organised group: report the group!


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Fun and Education
Offer of the underground tourist route and the Museum of Mining.

Full of joy and honour we are inviting you to visit the biggest tourist attraction of Nowa Ruda – the Museum of Mining and the Underground tourist route. Tens of authentic mining exhibit items in our museum have been prepared specially for you. Right after watching and getting acquainted with the history of the place, please pay us a visit in the authentic mine drift where you will see machines and unique exhibitions. At the end of the adventure you will leave from under the earth in an authentic mining railway! That’s not where the attraction comes to an end – why not to try the following?:

  • target shooting from the marker
  • striking coins
  • exhibition of car models
  • horse riding
  • ride in britzska
  • tactical games like Paintball

We also recommend our Bar where you can eat delicious meals or organise grill picnics in the open-air for larger groups. You should also visit our shops with minerals and souvenirs.

‘Cause Black is Cool!

Dark underground corridors are intriguing, interesting, cause remarkable emotions. Maybe a bit frightening at times, but above all entertaining. They combine fun and lessons of history, geology or technology. And it’s all ‘cause Black is Cool!