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Arrive to us by train!

By the very museum there is a rail station Nowa Ruda City Przedmieście. Nothing is standing in the way then to come to us straight from the train.

Nowa Ruda is located on a rail itinerary between Kłodzko and Wałbrzych. This route is one of the most picturesque railways in Poland.

On 50 km of its course 3 tunnels under mountains are located. One of them belongs to the longest in Poland, there are also 8 high flyovers and 2 bridges. The travel from Wałbrzych or from Kłodzko to Nowa Ruda is not a simple journey, it is fun!

Furthermore, you can take bicycles with you- the railcarhas been adapted to it - and go to us for an all-day trip. Visiting our Underground tourist route and the Museum would be nice then, afterwards you could have a bicycle ride all over the surroundings of Nowa Ruda, eat something delicious and filling in our Miner’s Inn of and come back home by railcar.

Visiting our museum you don’t need to worry about your bicycles - we have a special room - which you can leave your bicycle in.

Rozkład jazdy Szynobusu z od strony Kłodzka i Wałbrzycha.

Jeżeli jesteś przewodnikiem grupy zorganizowanej: Zgłoś grupę!


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Fun and Education
Offer of the underground tourist route and the Museum of Mining.

Full of joy and honour we are inviting you to visit the biggest tourist attraction of Nowa Ruda – the Museum of Mining and the Underground tourist route. Tens of authentic mining exhibit items in our museum have been prepared specially for you. Right after watching and getting acquainted with the history of the place, please pay us a visit in the authentic mine drift where you will see machines and unique exhibitions. At the end of the adventure you will leave from under the earth in an authentic mining railway! That’s not where the attraction comes to an end – why not to try the following?:

  • target shooting from the marker
  • striking coins
  • exhibition of car models
  • horse riding
  • ride in britzska
  • tactical games like Paintball

We also recommend our Bar where you can eat delicious meals or organise grill picnics in the open-air for larger groups. You should also visit our shops with minerals and souvenirs.

‘Cause Black is Cool!

Dark underground corridors are intriguing, interesting, cause remarkable emotions. Maybe a bit frightening at times, but above all entertaining. They combine fun and lessons of history, geology or technology. And it’s all ‘cause Black is Cool!