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We are fully aware that not only an aesthetic experience and fun are sufficient for a man to carry on. Therefore, we are inviting to our Inn with Victuals and Beer, where you can sit down for a moment and eat something tasty, drink coffee or cool off with a drink.

In the menu you will find fast-food dishes such as: hot-dogs or chips. We also have set lunches like "The Foreman’s Cutlet”. We serve fried trout and delicious sour rye soup made and barberry.

On the premises of our museum and in the Inn you can use the wireless Internet free of charge.


Wystawy tematyczne

Na piętrze holu naszego Muzeum udostępniamy wystawy dla wszystkich naszych Gości, w cenie biletu do Kopalni.


Kino Górnicze


Posiadamy w swoich zbiorach zarówno filmy dokumentalne przeznaczone dla dorosłych jak i filmy dla najmłodszych, z Bolkiem i Lolkiem w roli głównej, także o tematyce górniczej.


Shop with minerals.

Imagine very beautiful agates, crystals and tens of other minerals which were gathered not only in the Sudeten mountains but also worldwide, and then polished, worked and in the form of small chains, pendants or rings were put up for sale. You can purchase such beautiful things made of colourful minerals.


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