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Trip by bicycle?

Are you an active bicycle tourist?

Do you like lonely bicycle trips or maybe excursions with friends, do you like enjoying the freedom of travelling on two wheels and admiring the nature? Therefore, we are inviting you to arrive to us by your bicycle!

You can begin your trip from touring the Tourist Mine in Nowa Ruda.  See under this link how to reach to us by train, taking bicycles with you..

We have a special room where you can leave your bicycles while touring, it is made available free of charge and locked.

After touring the Tourist Mine you can get drinks and energy bars of chocolate in our Miner’s Inn and go to tour the very beautiful surroundings of Nowa Ruda.

In conclusion, after tour trip we are inviting you our Inn of the Miner to dinner and cold local beer Opat z Bromova (Abbot from Broumovo).



‘Cause Black is Cool!